Rainwater Tornado preserves archives and collections of My Little Pony fan music. However, unlike other projects, Rainwater Tornado’s goal isn’t to create one giant super-archive; rather, it’s to preserve existing collections as they are.

The main job of this project is to seed collections of music through BitTorrent. People don’t always have their computers running 24/7 to seed their torrents, so Rainwater Tornado acts as a backup.

A Little Background on BitTorrent

BitTorrent works by downloading data from multiple other computers on the Internet that have the same file (called a “torrent”); these other computers are said to be “seeding” the file. This system makes the file more accessible because the download isn’t tied to a single location (like a file-hosting website), which could become unavailable.

To download a file from BitTorrent, you need a program called a BitTorrent client. There are many available; one popular option is qBittorrent.

Who’s Running This

This site is operated by Jack “Fox” Grayson, a musician and music lover in the brony fandom.

How to Help

New collections, donations, and technical advice. Get the details on how to help make this archive better.


Rainwater Tornado wouldn’t be possible without the work of many great people.

The information on this site is dedicated to the public domain under Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal.

This information is different from the collections of music themselves, which have their own copyright and other related rights. It is your responsibility to ensure that your use of these collections is allowed under applicable laws.

Technical Information